Frequently Asked Questions

How many names can I put on the IN-OUT Board?

The program does not have a limit to the number of names. However, as a practical matter, some browsers run out of memory between 50 and 100 lines. You may need to experiment on your system.

Can I have different colors for the IN and OUT rows?


What is the cost for your service?

Only $90/year.

Do I have to provide a credit card to test your free demo?

No credit card is required to test the In-Out Board for the first 30 days. After that if you would like to continue your service subscription, you may choose to pay either by check or credit card.

I want to check everybody out at a specific time. Can we do that?

Yes, that is an optional setting.

What is military time? And, do I have to use it?

Military time is a 24 hour clock talk. For instance, 1:00 pm is 13:00 in military time, and midnight is 24:00. And, no, you have the choice of AM/PM or Military.

How do I add a new person to the board?

Use the bottom row of the Personnel Table of the IN-OUT Administrator's module to enter each user's name, phone number, and link.

How do we add our logo?

If you have access to your logo on line; you may enter that full path in the URL OF LOGO field. The path would look something like this:

If you do not have a logo on line, but have one to use, send the logo to us for inclusion on your board.

Can I use my own color scheme?


Do you have any color templates to choose from?

Yes. We offer several templates called "Skins" which are preset color combinations that work well together. In the admin module, click on the "Skins" preview link to see samples of the different skins.